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Complete Exhaust Parts Wholesaler

Everything you need to run your performance exhaust shop. Such as mufflers, catalytic converts, resonators, flex pipes, stainless tips, gaskets, steel tubes, custom exhaust systems and more.

Parts Always In Stock

Our warehouse is always in stock in order to fill your shops needs.

Keep fast delivery

Our delivery trucks are always on the road to delivery what you need daily.


Save money by placing reorders. Pass on those savings to your customers.


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    About Us

    Chicagoland's wholesale performance exhaust authorized distributor. Mufflers, catalytic converts, resonators, flex pipes, stainless tips, and more all delivered directly to you at wholesale prices.

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    [email protected]

    Mobile: (773) 417-5837

    Office: (630) 340-3824

    Address: 1470 Douglas Rd Montgomery, IL

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